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Re: resurrecting Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury as a animated TOS st

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Is there any news on turning the script into a novel?
I've done some more searching. No news but this is the most recent:

98. rm10019 - June 4, 2011
I have done extensive research into Vulcan Fury, even contacting DC Fontana herself. She has the outline and work she did ’somewhere’ in her files, but the question is who owns the rights. Interplay was sold to a European company, but they don’t have the rights to Trek games obviously.
This was mid-2011. So much for her even trying to self-publish as an E-Book...
Hey guys, I am rm10019 on Trekmovie, and did indeed exchange emails with DC Fontana about this. At the time I was in Paramount in NY, wishing these sound recordings and script could somehow see the light of day.

Ms. Fontana indicated it was all trapped in legal loopholes, since she wrote it for Interplay, but Interplay was sold, and the new entity didn't have nor want rights to produce Trek computer games. All actual materials produced for the game would belong to this new company (somewhere I have a letter from them) but they can't/won't release them.

Even if someone bought the intellectual property and recordings for the game, they would need Paramount's ok to release it or re-work it. I am hoping that these recordings emerge someday. I would suggest the next step would be to contact the company that bought Interplay, and try to find out if they still have materials in storage, and where that might be.

Edit: The company I contacted back then seems to have been 'Titus Software' in France:
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