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Re: two birds

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I think she is more of an aficionado and she certainly was no bully. In Scientific Method she wanted to kill the little guy that was put in prison but a stream of words was all she managed. If she didn't show herself in the ep. and her powers over the crew, Voyager and everyone all became horribly dead.
Captains depicted in books in history mostly are tyrannical. English captains are tyrannical.
Therefore: Tyranny and captaincy are birds of a feather.
Unless you're talking about a tiny scene in scientific method I didn't assume was consequential, are you sure you're talking about the right episode?

This was the episode where she tired to murder her crew, because if she couldn't have them, no one could... Not that Picard and Kirk both didn't activate the self-destruct and listen to the countdown when powerful aliens offered these blokes lives as toys.
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