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With spoilers, I guess - as in, "here's all the choices & the numbers for each". I hit 3800-something, and the one or two detracting choices in ME3 that I'm aware of wouldn't have hit 4000 for me...
Your best bet then is to check out the wiki as I'm sure there will be a page dedicated to the war assets. Otherwise, it's probably better to discuss the details over on the endings spoiler thread.

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So, what if you didn't import your save from ME1 and ME2? 'Cause my 360 died on me after I played those two, so I'm on a new system. I feel like I'm being punished for things that aren't my fault here
Unlike ME2, if you start a new game in ME3 Bioware have pre-crafted the a background story for with the plot flags. I don't know if changes depending on which combination background/service history you pick (though that would be cool), or if it's the same regardless. Either way, I'm sure they've left players with a fair chance at still getting 4000 points.
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