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Do all the side-missions/quests in ME3 so you can get EMS up to 4000 (make sure to explore galactic systems that open up between main missions and find various war-assets along the way - but also keep in mind that proceeding with a main plot story could result in skipping a side-mission so be sure to scan unexplored systems before proceeding with the main plot - those that you do and acquire war assets/salvage/wreckage from them, will have 100% near the name in the galactic map).
Aside from that, you will mainly get a lot of side-missions by walking by various people on the Citadel - so make sure to do the rounds in all areas most of the time (or post each main mission).

Actions you did in previous games can affect your EMS of course... but ME3 does offer a way of 'compensating' for it via dialogue with certain characters if I'm not mistaken.
If it comes down to it, then simply edit your save game so that EMS points are at or above 4000 before triggering the 'point of no return mission'.
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