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Re: Star Trek: Audacity Part 1

((This goes BEFORE COMMENT TWO!!!)))

The Engineering Department was finally calming down and many engineers weren’t running around and it didn’t seem like chaos was flying through the air. Seerik stood at the Main console and Quiana teleported right in behind him.
“Sorry sir”, she said apologetically. “I’ve been really busy assigning quarters and and things. How’s engineering coming along?”
“Just fine, but I am very busy so please let me be!”
Quiana looked at him. “Is it because I’m Q?”
“What? Being Q has nothing to do with me wanting you to leave. I asked you to leave lieutenant because I am busy repairing the Rogue. I am not prejudice no matter how tricky most Qs are. I will only judge for your personality and how well you perform your duties. Besides...I know how it is to be pushed aside because of the species you are.”
“You’re Romulan.”
“Yes, and Starfleet doesn’t trust me...I’ve been transferred several times because Captain refused to have a Romulan engineer, even if I was the most qualified.”
“Captain Ramirez to all senior staff of the Rogue. There will be a briefing in one hour.”

The Briefing Room was fairly large and acquired a long table with dark blue cushioned chairs. There were three viewports where the officers could see the stars. Cmdr. Freeman entered the room and replicated a cup of coffee and sat in a chair closet to where the Captain would be sitting. Pretty soon most of the senior staff had entered the Conference Room and Captain Ramirez was the last to enter.
“All right”, Ramirez said happily, “today we will be discussing our mission. But first I’d like to ask some questions. Seerik, how is engineering?” When Alvin had first saw the Romulan exchange officer he didn’t trust him one bit, but now he had eased up on him. The worse thing Alvin thought Seerik would do was sabotage their mission.
“Well”, Seerik said as all eyes were on him, “repairs are nearly complete and the engineering crew is fantastic.”
“Good to hear”, Alvin said and looked at Quiana. “Has all crew been assigned a quarters?”
“Yes sir, and all internal systems are working efficiently.”
“Good”, Alvin said. He clapped his hands together and noticed the first officer drinking her coffee slowly. “Now let’s discuss the main point of this briefing...It would take over thirty years to even reach the edge of the Delta Quadrant and that’s time I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to be seventy when I learn about the Borg...besides who says I’ll live that long.”
“So sir”, Jerrod York asked, “how are we going to get there quickly?”
“You’re the science officer, you tell me, Lt.”, Alvin snapped. He looked around and then at his Chief of Operations. “Could you━”
“No”, she said. “I can’t teleport this entire ship. My powers are limited since I am a hybrid. Besides...Starfleet doesn’t particularly wants me to use my powers whenever I feel like it.”
Alvin nodded and noticed his Security Chief had raised her hand. “Yes, Lt. Dara, do you have a question?”
“No”, she said firmly, “a statement. My people, the Felarai, are capable of generating wormholes. There is a possibility that they could create an artificial wormhole to the Delta Quadrant.”
“But how effective are they?” Jerrod asked.
“I would not know”, Dara replied. “The wormhole creations are controlled by the Felarain Sciences and Engineering Department.”
“And they would be willing to let us use one of them?”
“Not too strangers, but since I myself am a Felarain, then it would be acceptable”, Dara said. “But the decision is up to the Captain. Captain?”
“This completes our briefing”, Alvin said still watching Carol who was still drinking her coffee. “Ensign Frost, set a course for Felar. Dara, I want you Jerrod and Seerik to get more data on these wormholes and make sure they’re safe for the Rogue. Any questions?”
“Yes”, Carol finally said. “How do we return?”
Alvin looked at Dara. “Dara?”
“I said it once why should I have to repeat it a second commander?” She said and everyone froze. “I am not entirely familiar with how these wormholes operate. I only know that Felar scientist can create them. Once we arrive at Felar, all your questions will be answered.”
“Thanks lieutenant”, Carol said weakly.
“All right....”, Alvin muttered, “if that’s all then you are dismissed.”

The USS Rogue warped was swiftly drifting in space. Everyone on board the Rogue seemed to be getting along, but Alvin started to worry about his first officer. She hadn’t been as assertive as she was before he told them of their mission. She seemed more quieter and didn’t command as she used to.
“Commander”, Lia said clicking buttons on the helm, “we are now in orbit of Felar.”
“Good”, Carol said weakly. She sat in the command chair since Alvin was in his ready room. “Commander Freeman to Captain Ramirez, we are currently in order of Felar. Orders?”
Alvin entered the bridge. “Hail them.”
The viewscreen of Felar turned blank and then switched to a small science room with green worker everywhere. A green Felarain stood in front of the screen and smiled widely. He seemed old but had a head full of hair.
“I am Captain Alvin Ramirez of the USS Tiger-A. My Chief of Security, Lt. Dara, told me that your people can create artificial wormholes?”
The male Felarain looked at Alvin and blinked blankly. “Greetings Dara. How is Starfleet life?”
“Good to know. I am Edimir, Head of Felar Sciences.”
“Nice to meet your sir”, Alvin replied impatiently. He just wanted to use the wormhole.
“Transport your people to the Felar Science Labs and I will give you a tour. I look forward to seeing you.”
The communication ended and Alvin sighed. He ran his hands through his faded hair. “All right...Counselor Edgar, Lt. Dara, and Lt. JG York please report to the Main Transporter Room. Commander Freeman, you have the ship until I’m back. Don’t break her.”
“Aye sir.”
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