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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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None-coded spoilers for Batgirl #7:

First of all, I continue to really like this book mostly because I find Barbara Gordon to just be a fun character, I like this book on her inner-dialogue alone. Art continues to bee good though it had some iffy spots and there were a couple times when I had to flip back to see a detail that I missed that was a key point to the next panel(s) or story. (For example, I didn't now Barbara had made it into the party, I flipped back and saw her shadow in the far background in the previous page.) I also liked her encounter with Black Canary in this issue and haven't yet seen Black Canary's look in The New 52 and liked what I saw here.

Anyway the ending....

In "The Killing Joke" it's suggested that Barbara was raped after being shot by The Joker. I guess I had just naturally assumed it was The Joker who raped her but I guess that doesn't quite fit with his character. I'm guessing this man in the background she encountered in the sewer was her rapist. Or if she wasn't raped must have played some other big role in what happened that night since she's obviously more focused on him and what he did than The Joker -who was the one who actually shot her!

Still a good book and be interested to see where things go now.
See that wasn't a take away I had glad I asked for another opinion.
I thought they might be trying to say that this baddie might be Joker disguised. OR worse that it wasn't Joker at all, it was this guy who shot/raped her. You know nu52 and all, if you're rewriting things this could be a rewrite.
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