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Star Trek: Audacity Part 1


“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender ship. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

Part One

The lonely man sat at his desk reviewing facts and information the USS Voyager had brought back. It had been years now since the Federation had been in contact with the Borg, and this lonely man wanted to know why. He had read all he could on the Borg and all the information was the same over and over again. He’d read about the anatomy, biology, and even psychology, but there were no hints as to how the Borg came to be. He wanted more information. No, he needed more.
Captain Alvin Ramirez looked up from his PADD, and turned it off. Most of the Starfleet Command thought rereading the information on the Borg was a waste of time and useless unless it was for new cadets. Alvin placed it down on other loads of information PADDs.
“Yes?” Alvin replied.
“You’ve got to stop this none-sense”, Betsy Hicks said. She walked to his desk. “This information is cadet level. Why do you spend all your time reading it? You’ve memorized it by now.”
He looked at her and smiled humorously. “Many questions are still remained unanswered Councilor.”
She nodded and took a sit in front of his desk. She had pretty blonde hair and bright green eyes. “I realize that Alvin, but this is getting out of hand.”
“How so?”
She sighed and noticed all the stacked PADDs with Borg information on them. “They’re not coming back you know.”
“I know but--”
“Then why are you doing this?”
“Doing what?!” he shouted.
She gulped. “Wasting time rereading about things that’ll never return.”
He didn’t replied, only looked her in the eyes with dignity. He didn’t think it was a waste of time. He might not have been learning new things about the Borg, but he’d sure be the best at knowing everything about them.
“I just wish we knew how they originated”, Alvin said.
“Yeah”, Betsy replied, “it’s not like you can get a starship and explore the Delta Quadrant to do more research and go into Borg space.” She laughed reassuringly.
“We could!”
Betsy cocked her head. “Alvin I was joking!”
“No but we can”, he told her. “We just need approval. Schedule a meeting with Starfleet Command for me, Betsy. I am going to find out how the Borg started.”
“Alvin listen to yourself”, Betsy said standing. She walked to the door. “This is crazy, they’re not going to agree with this.”
“Just ask!”
Betsy nodded with a confused grin on her face. This was the Alvin she knew, the one who was always trying to get started, and always being impatient. This was the one she liked. She remembered being his first officer on the USS Jupiter. That’s where she loved him because he wanted things done instantly.
“All right”, she said with laugh. “I’ll ask them, I’ll ask them.”
“You’re a good friend”, said Alvin, “You and Alexander.”
Betsy chuckled. “Alexander and I’ll support your plan 100%, even if I don’t like it.”
Alvin laughed. “Thanks. Notify me when you tell them.”


Starfleet Command was mixed of dozens of members of the Federation, and Alvin Ramirez only knew two: Alexander Stuart and Betsy Hicks. Alvin could see them both seated as he entered the hall. Admiral D.K. Wells stood and eyed the Captain.
“Greetings Commodore Alvin Ramirez”, the Admiral said. “Welcome to Starfleet Command Hall.” Everyone sat. “What can we do for you?”
“Well if you haven’t already heard, sir, I’ve been wanting to conduct more search on the Borg, particularly on their origin”, Alvin said.
“What are you implying?”
“I’d like to go into space and research the Borg.”
Murmurs started to surround the room. “Why?” asked the Admiral.
“Well”, Alvin said, “The information Starfleet has stored in our database is not enough. We require more if we won’t to know more about the Borg.”
A commodore stood. “We don’t want to know more about the Borg. Admiral Janeway infected them and killed the Borg Queen. We won’t see them again so no more information is required.” He glared at Alvin. “Besides, it is far too dangerous.”
“Not without the proper caution, sir”, said Alvin. “This is a race we know nothing about except all they do is assimilate.” He smiled. “Wouldn’t you like to know how it started?”
Admiral Wells nodded, but said, “It’s too dangerous. If the Borg are inactive, and they have been for years, why bring them back?”
“Admirals, Commodores”, Alvin said bravely. “We have lived years wondering where the heck the Borg came from. Now is our chance to find out. Isn’t our motto ‘To explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations’?”
Admiral Wells nodded again. “It seems you are correct, Captain. Therefore I am granting you permission to pursue this mission.” Alvin smiled. “But! But! But! I will not order crew to to enlist in your mission. You will have find your own crew who are willing to do it voluntarily.”
“Thank you sir. Yes sir”, Alvin said happily.
Alvin left the Hall immediately grinning from ear to ear. As the others dismissed from the Hall Betsy and Alexander walked towards him.
“Well you got it approved”, Betsy said.
“But now you have to find a crew”, said Alexander. “I’ll send a station broadcast for anyone who wants to join you.”
“Thanks”, Alvin said and Alexander left. Alvin looked at Betsy. “A ship?”
“Ship?” she asked confused.
Alvin nodded. “I need a ship to get there, right? What ship am I getting?”
“Oh...”, Betsy said quietly. “Admiral D.K. Wells told me to let you’re getting a Storm-classed ship...”
“A STORM-CLASSED?!” Alvin shouted. “What? Does he want me to die out there?”
Betsy closed her eyes, shook her head, and walked off. Alvin followed. “I’m only telling you what he said, Alvin. Of course he doesn’t want you to die...but they can’t just build you a new ship or give you some new ship.”
Alvin threw his hands in the air. “But a Storm-classed? Seriously Betsy. A Storm-classed ship? One of the worst types of ships in Starfleet. Heck I’d rather an Oberth-classed starship. Why Storm-classed? Why not Intrepid or Norway or Akira?”
Betsy didn’t answer Alvin.
“Betsy? Why?”
Still no answer.
“Because he doesn’t think you’ll even make it there!”
Alvin stopped in his steps and watched Betsy walk forward not saying another word. Alvin knew Admiral Wells wasn’t the only one who thought he’d wouldn’t make it or return from the Delta Quadrant. Apparently, Betsy thought so as well. Alvin had known her for a long time, and he thought she’d be the main supporter.


The turbolift’s door opened and every officer stopped what they were doing. Captain Alvin Ramirez entered the bridge.
“This is the crew?” Alvin whispered to Betsy and Alexander. “All right, I’m Captain Alvin Ramirez your commanding officer.” Everyone looked at him awkwardly. “I need names and positions.”
“Commander Carol Freeman”, said a brown haired officer. She shook Alvin’s hand. “I was told I’d be the first officer.”
“I’m Seerik”, said a tall male Romulan. “Chief Engineer. The Federation is doing an officer exchange. I hold no current Starfleet rank, but I am a damn good engineer.”
Alvin had no idea what a Romulan was doing on a Starfleet vessel, but he still wondered if he should trust him or not. He shook the engineer’s hand; it was cold and dry.
“He’s Lt Cmdr. Zordock”, said Carol. “He doesn’t talk much.” It was a gaunt looking alien with huge black glossy eyes, a short neck, enormous cranium with a rocky skull and long bony fingers and long arms and short legs. Alvin thought he looked pretty trustworthy. He smiled and shook his hand.
“Lt. Quiana”, said a humanoid female. “Ops officers.”
“Lt. JG Jerrod York”, said a Human male, “science officer.”
“Nice to meet you, sir”, Alvin replied.
“Ensign Lia Frost”, said a female Human. “Helmsman.”
“Ensign Edgar”, said a male Deltan, “counselor.”
Alvin didn’t realize they needed a counselor.
“Lt. Dara”, said a Felarain. “Security and tactical.”
“Well everyone”, Alvin said reassuringly. “Welcome aboard the USS Rogue, a Storm-classed vessel in the fleet...and in my opinion one of the worst classes.”
“Rogue is an interesting name for this type of mission”, Betsy muttered under her breath.
“Sir”, Seerik said, “this ship has in interesting design.”
“I know”, Alvin said, “and I’m afraid we’ll just have to deal with it.” Alvin looked around. “I guess we should get started then shall we?”
Everyone nodded and Seerik, Zordock, and Edgar left the bridge.
Alvin smiled. “All right, let’s get a move on...”
Lia Frost clicked a few buttons and said, “This is the USS Rogue ready for departure, over.”
“USS Rogue?” a voice said back. “I don’t have that on my departure list...”
“We’ve just been assigned, sir”, Lia replied in a confused voice.
“Very well...Moorings are’re clear for departure Rogue.”
“Once we’re out, maximum warp to...Deep Space Nine”, Alvin said.
“Aye sir.”
Carol looked at Alvin strangely. “Permission to speak freely sir?”
“Permission granted.”
“Why are we going to Deep Space Nine?”
“You’ll find out when we get there”, Alvin replied.
Carol looked at him. “What’s the point of this mission?”
“The truth is”, Alvin said, “ We’re going to explore Borg space.”
“I thought we were just going to learn about the Borg’s origin!” Carol said.
“Starfleet Command wants to learn more about the Borg, but thinks we won’t even make it to the Delta Quadrant. We’re going to Deep Space Nine to get a few more repairs done for our ship to be in tip top shape. Anyone who’s afraid of doing this mission can leave.” No one talked. “So we’re all in this together huh?”
Carol finally spoke up. “This is so dumb. I misunderstood the station broadcast. I thought we were simply going to some old archive, sir.”
Alexander looked at her distinctively. “Then you can simply be removed of duty, go back to Starbase, and I’ll get a new first officer.”
Carol stopped talking and sat in one of the command chairs. She rested her head on her hand and looked at her shoes. Alvin watched his crew who were still looking away from their stations and at him. He then spoke again. “Now I know everyone is a bit bewildered but this is just the best way to discover the Borg’s origin. I apologize if this is bringing you a lot of grief, but please do let it distract you from your duties.” He looked particularly at Carol Freeman who was still looking at the ground.
“Sir”, Ensign Frost said quietly, “we will be approaching Deep Space Nine in exactly 5.3 minutes.”
“Thank you ensign”, Alvin replied. He touched his communication badge. “Captain Ramirez to Seerik.”
“Seerik here sir.”
“Seerik, I need you, Dara, and York to go on Deep Space Nine and get the appropriate tools to repair the Rogue quickly.”
“Sir”, Lia Frost said, “we are now docking on Deep Space Nine.”
“Good”, Alvin said. “If you need me, I’ll be in my ready room.” He left the bridge, but then turned around and said, “Cmdr. have the bridge...don’t disappoint me.”
“Aye sir...”
Alvin entered his Ready Room displeased because a massive amount of PADDs were stacked neatly on his desk. He knew what they were; they were crew bios, and he had to read every one of them to get to know his crew’s strength and limits, but he often thought this was actually done in action. He was glad he was out in space and was exploring the galaxy again.
He breathed in and stretched his arms and cracked his spine but a little too far causing him to jump in pain and knock a ton of PADDs on the floor. He quickly touched his communication badge. “Ramirez to Yeoman Banks”, he said. “Please I need your help cleaning up.”
Ensign Edgar soon entered the room. “Sorry sir, but Yeoman Banks isn’t feeling well so I’ll be your yeoman until she’s better. What seems to be the problem, sir?”
“Well I scattered all these PADDs out of order and I need someone to get them back in order for me so I can read my senior staff bios.”
“No problem, sir”, the Deltan counselor said gracefully. He crouched and began organizing the PADDs.
“Oh here”, Alvin said picking up a PADD, “I think you forgot one, counselor.” He looked at it. “Lt. Quiana of the--OH MY GOD!”
“Sir?” Edgar said alarmed. He stood up and reached for the PADD. “What seems to be the problem?”
“Look at her species.”
Edgar nodded and read, “Q Continuum Human hybrid..”
“How is she half Q and half Human?” He asked.
“I don’t know sir, is that a problem?”
Alvin turned red with anger. “You’re damn right it’s a problem! Q's can't be trusted. They're practically gods and we're their puppets to control. And now you're telling me I have one aboard MY ship!”
“There's nothing wrong with that. And besides, she's half Q and half human. And Starfleet approved her so she must be good”, Edgar said offensively.
Alvin snorted. “Approved? Or did she use her god powers to convince them to let her be my Chief Operator.”
Edgar sighed and tapped his communication badge. “Counselor Edgar to Lt. Quiana. Please report to the Captain's ready room.” He looked at the Captain. “We're going to settle this.”
Moments later the Chief of Operations was in the Ready Room and all ready apologizing.
“I'm sorry if I disappointed you, Captain. I was only following my father's footsteps. He was a Chief Operator on the USS Colossus. If it makes you feel better I'm not entirely Q. I'm only half. My mother was Q and my father was human. I only have a few powers”, Quiana said apologically.
Edgar looked into the Captain’s eyes. “Is there something you’d like to say, Alvin?”
“I guess I judged a book by the cover.” He chuckled sarcastically. “ I'm terribly sorry Quiana. You unique powers will be essential to the Rogue. Thank you. You are dismissed.”
Quiana left and Edgar gave Alvin a soft smiled and replied, “Problem solved?”

Back on the bridge it was calm and quiet. Officers glanced at one another not knowing if they should trust them.Report?” Alvin said sitting in the command chair next to Carol.
“All systems are still being adjusted, sir.”
“And I assume the task of getting the supplies were easy Lt. Dara and Lt. JG York?”
Jerrod York nodded and the Felarain nodded as well without even looking at the Captain.
“Seerik, how are the repairs coming along?”
Seerik didn’t speak for a moment because the Engineering Department was buzzing. “Sir, this place is busy....some of the systems weren’t even finished being built. My crew had to finish building it.”
“Do your best. Alvin out.” He looked around the bridge.

__________________________________________________ ___

Jerrod looked around the Mess Hall noticing it was quite empty. He guessed the engineers were still making prepares. He noticed the counselor sitting by himself ordering something, so he walked over confidently and sat in front of him. “Is this seat taken?”
“Not at all, ensign”, Edgar replied.
“ me Jerrod”, the science officer replied and swatted the waitress away.
“Jerrod?” Edgar looked at him strangely and waited for his meal to arrive.
“Yes”, Jerrod said. “You say it so nicely...I like your’s nice. So what did you order?”
Edgar tapped his fingers on the table. “Oh just some ice cream from Earth. Ensign Frost suggested I try here I am seeing if━is there something on my face?”
Jerrod was staring directly at the Deltan counselor and wasn’t really listening to what he was saying. Edgar began wondering what was going on and that’s when it hit him. Edgar looked the science officer directly in the eye and leaned forward. “Lt., are you attracted to me?”
Jerrod smiled. “Why would you think that, counselor?” He placed his hand on the counselor’s hand.
“Enough Lt.!”
“Enough of what? What am I doing?”
Edgar stood up. “I’m sorry but I can’t continue this. It’s my species...Goodbye Lt. York.”


“And I just fell down sort of”, Yeoman Elissa Banks said. “Yes, I fainted that’s what. I fainted right in the middle of the corridor.” She breathed lightly as the chief medical officer scanned her. “So am I fit for duty?” The Monchezke doctor grunted and looked at her, and then used a hypospray on her. “So I’m fit for duty?” The doctor nodded, and Elissa left.
“Dr. Zordock, I need your help”, said a voice that belonged to Ensign Edgar. He paced into Sickbay and sat on a biobed. “It appears my sexual pheromones are off the chart, sir. Lt. JG York finds me attractive.”
Dr. Zordock pointed to his inhibitor.
“It seemed to be working just fine when I was on Spacedock...but ever since I enlisted on the Rogue he’s become attracted to me.” Zordock shrugged. “Doctor! I took an oath of celibacy! I won’t disobey━oh my inhibitor isn’t working?”
Dr. Zordock scanned it and shook his head.
“Can you fix it for me?”
Zordock nodded.


Commander Carol Freeman and Lt. Dara were walking down to corridor to the Holodeck. Carol looked at Dara’s hair.
“So do you...comb your hair?” Carol asked.
Dara remained looking forward and spoke. “My hair is an organ. Do you comb your organs, Commander?”
Carol raised an eyebrow. “No, I don’t think I do lieutenant.” She smiled slightly. “So your hair is living kind of huh?” She chuckled a little. “Reminds me of Medusa, a mythological creature from Earth. I remember before the Felarai language barrier was breached, we simply called you Medusas.”
Dara’s hand flew high and hard and smacked the first officer on her cheek leaving a red hand imprint. Carol, on the floor with her hand on her face, was shocked. Not only did the Security Chief act out of place, but she also assaulted a ranking officer.
Carol stood up and Dara was facing the opposite direction. “Dara...why?”
“I didn’t know”, Carol said softly. “I apologize. If you promise to keep your temper under control...I won’t mention this to the Captain...okay?”
Dara nodded and walked on.
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