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Re: Tuvok: the only adult on Voyager

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I bet they don't have to do that kind of stuff on Vulcan ships. As usual the Federation expects human values to be the ones everyone puts themselves out for.
I never bought the idea that Vulcans are so anti-social and so full of themselves. DS9, for example, portrayed Vulcans who were so unbelievably contemptuous that they were obviously only meant to serve as foils for the crew--like Solok in "Take Me Out to the Holosuite." I can't believe that any Vulcan who joined Starfleet would act in that way.
I can. All you need is a race where all the social grease we take for granted as humans does not exist and where it is seen as evidence of being shallow, dumb or weak. Just like Klingon mess halls have no need for human standards of cleanliness perhaps Vulcans have no need for human standards of friendliness.

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