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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Fantasic Four 604-- I think that I'm going to have to re-read this one (possibly multiple times) in order to take all of it in. The wrap-up of Hickman's epic was worth the three years that it took to tell. I'm glad that he still has a few arcs left in him, but if this had been his swan-song, it would have been an extremely satisfying one. I like the full-circle aspect of the epilogue.

Avengers 24-- Meh. I have not been a fan of this arc, and the conclusion didn't do anything to revise that opinion. New Avengers has been a little better, and I hope that their Osborn wrap-up issue will be better.

X-Men: Legacy 264-- The wrap up of the Exodus arc was very enjoyable. Rogue seems to be the only one with a shred of common sense amongnst the X-factions regarding the schism (also in Avengers: Children's Crusade 9 regarding the Scarlet Witch) and I like that they are showing that Wolverine is being as pig-headed, stubborn and narrow-minded in his course of action as Cyclops has ever been in his.

Avengers Assemble 1-- Ironic for the first issue of a book called "Avengers Assemble", that this books particular team of Avengers never appears assembled in this issue. Another example of Bendis' de-compressed story-telling. But, at least all of this books team members did at least appear in the issue, if not on the same page- unlike Justice League #1 or even Bendis' own New Avengers 1.

Journey Into Mystery 635 -- Kid Loki's adventures continue to be a joy to read, and his interactions with Leah and Hellstrom here are fun. I like how Loki cannot help but be Loki, even when his intentions are good. I hope that someday when "Loki Classic" is restored (and you know that it will happen some day) , they find a way to keep this new incarnation around as well.

Captain America 9 -- An OK issue made above average by the Alan Davis art. Just not a fan of the "Cap de-powered" storyline.
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