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Re: Tuvok: the only adult on Voyager

teacake wrote: View Post
I bet they don't have to do that kind of stuff on Vulcan ships. As usual the Federation expects human values to be the ones everyone puts themselves out for.
I never bought the idea that Vulcans are so anti-social and so full of themselves. DS9, for example, portrayed Vulcans who were so unbelievably contemptuous that they were obviously only meant to serve as foils for the crew--like Solok in "Take Me Out to the Holosuite." I can't believe that any Vulcan who joined Starfleet would act in that way.

The Vulcan captain of the Saratoga during Wolf 359 is much more believable. He's only on screen for a fraction of a minute and has maybe one line of dialogue, but he doesn't strike me as nearly so cold and distant as Vulcans are so often portrayed. And as the captain of a diverse crew, he obviously knew how to relate well to other species, humans included.

DeepSpaceWine wrote: View Post
The oldest is the old gray-haired black dude in the blue uniform who was always seen in the mess hall (semi-retired?) between something like "Parturition" and right before "The Killing Game". Once you notice him, it's quite hard to not notice him in subsequent episodes.
Isn't it interesting how many regular background characters there are that we never notice but appear in multiple episodes and seasons? Some of them, like Ayala, have a name and may even utter a line of dialogue, but most of them have no dialogue and the actors are not credited. And yet if you look closely, you see them again and again. Memory Alpha keeps track of them and even has background stories for some!

exodus wrote: View Post
Nobody ever look it that far.
Tom & Harry were goofs but they only pulled pranks on their fellow crewmen, during their off hours and never when any alien ambassador on board.
They were goofs, not stupid.
Yeah, but they do act immaturely around diplomats, ambassadors, etc. For example, in "30 Days" Paris is out of line when he accuses the water world aliens of destroying the ecosystem during a meeting on Voyager. We may sympathize with his beliefs, but as a junior officer he should keep his mouth shut and express his reservations to Janeway privately. Acting as he does, he embarrasses Janeway and only makes the aliens mad.

The Overlord wrote: View Post
There times where Tuvok comes across as only the sane person on the ship. Harry Kim is the worse offender, he really comes off as a simpering man child. He never really developed into a good seasoned officer, he managed to stay a green ensign for 7 years. Frankly there should been episode where he proves himself, saves the ship and gets a promotion, that would have shown more character growth then him remaining a green ensign for 7 years.
My thoughts exactly.

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