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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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So, Alaric may end up dying for keeps then before the end of the season? Too bad, I really like Alaric
Well, the showrunners claim that Alaric will be back as a guest star next season, but this song and dance seems awfully familiar. Wasn't there another recent case just like this one that didn't turn out so well for the character whose actor was jumping ship to a new show, despite official assurances to the contrary...?
Heh, yea, in that case, with the short seasons, it seemed totally believable the actor could do both series, so, I was surprised by the death

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I like Matt Davis a lot but I've pretty much given up on TVD (they keep going over the same stuff, two seasons of that is enough for me), so I'm happy to see him get his own series.
Yea, I'm still hanging in, but, my interest has been waning a bit this season too
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