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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

But here's the really odd thing which happened all too often on Voyager.

The writers were a little out of touch with "some" of their audience and when they thought they were writing an Odyssean heroic Archetype, they were not.

Efforts to make her seem human by giving into violence (Equinox) or madness (night) only made Janeway seem mad and violent, which is not the behaviour one would expect from a well rounded human being.

Did Picard seem weak in Chain of Command when he admitted that he saw five lights?


But it was understandable.

Everyone breaks on the third day.

He didn't seem weak because he broke, he was just a big girls blouse about it after the fact. A real man would have turned to bourbon like my gramps when he came back from the war.


Making Deanna's education seem justified is unforgivable.
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