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Re: Should the future look "Futuristic?"

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Space: 1999 had the same issue of screaming...look the future while giving us uniforms with bell bottoms and platform shoes, and lots of molded plastic furniture.
Lucas' THX 1138 (1971) had a white minimalist production design and wardrobe. It looked futuristic in an institutional way with a totalitarian government making everything monochrome white and the same.

I feel the Space: 1999 series had production design that echoed the mostly white production design of the 2001: A Space Odyssey film. The overall feel of the uniforms felt like the future. The platforms and bell bottoms should have been eliminated from the design. The light grey color of the uniforms though looked futuristic.

Kubrick's film was designed in 1965 as Principal photography began December 1965. Space:1999 shot in November 1973. Both of these examples and Star Trek XI (2009) use a similar look of white for the production design of the sets.

Star Wars and Alien art director Roger Christian
Star Wars (1977) had lots of white in the corridors of stardestroyers including the stormtroopers uniforms.
Roger Christian's design of the Nostromo ship's living quarters in Alien (1979) looked very futuristic with all white everywhere. It started shooting in July 1978.

Look at Star Trek series. While the tunics in TOS were not seen as uniforms in ENT and instead replaced with jumpsuits that look like 1980s Space Shuttle jumpsuits I think the uniforms of TNG & VOY look futuristic.

When The Island (2005) came out the white uniforms they wore looked futuristic. Ewan McGregor even comments why are they white? and that they were constantly getting dirty.

The choice of Enterprise bridge production design incorporating a lot of white in the bridge & corridors gives the feel of Space: 1999 & 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as Star Wars.

Phase II of Star Trek which became ST:TMP
They called upon Ralph McQuarrie, famous for his Star Wars production designs, to help create the design for a new retrofitted Enterprise. Mike Minor, who would go on to do production design for the first two Trek films, created the new look for the Phase II Enterprise interiors (you can see many of those details carried forward into the films and TNG).
see the illustration here of the bridge with lots of monochrome white in the design.
ST:TMP the refitted Constitution-class starship USS Enterprise-A's bridge (see photos at the link)
as well as
in 2286 (STIV:TVH)
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A), STV: TFF

Part of this style of production design using white creates a minimalistic feeling or mood. I feel this is partly how the makeup store Sephora is designed. Mostly white and some black lines & the product. Goto google search and click on images and type in " "minimalist white" " and see more design like this.

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