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Re: adaptation to series in development for SyFy

Finally saw this last night. Typical Hollywood love story/thriller, but I quite enjoyed everything with the bureau, which I thought was well fleshed out without giving too much away.

A lot of people are calling this a movie about free will vs determinism, but in the end, it was simply about an organization that tries to interfere with people's choices in order to bring about a particular outcome. Not much of a debate there. The real thinking for me came in trying to put together a picture of what this Adjustment Bureau actually is and who's behind it. The implication is that the Chairman is God or Fate. Personally, I figure that the Chairman is an alien or being that has taken humanity, a primitive and developing intelligence, under its care and has set up an organization of other humans in order to keep this fledgling race from destroying itself before it reaches maturity. This Chairman is too personal, fallible and limited to be a natural force at work. Apparently Shohreh Aghdashloo filmed some scenes for the movie but had her part cut. With that and hearing that the ending was rewritten, I get the impression that she was supposed to be the Chairman.

And having seen the extras on the DVD, here are a few other bits and bites...

- Daniel Dae Kim had scenes as a member of the bureau's SWAT team, but they were cut.

- There's an extended scene where Thompson says that without their intervention, the Wright brothers would have opened a bicycle shop, Thomas Edison might have become a sculptor and Steve Jobs would probably have gone into selling insurance.

- Emily Blunt went through a lot of dance training for the role, but the IMDb says that they digitally added her face to a dancer in some of her scenes.

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The idea of the doors in The Adjustment Bureau though reminds me of the thread about teleportation in SciFi . It uses the old SciFi/Fantasy plot device the portal.
Having an actual door as a portal in scifi has always been a bit distracting for me. How do you reconcile both sides of the door not matching or being different sizes? Can you see the portal in the space under the door? I always find myself thinking a little too much and asking questions like that.

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Fun, entertaining movie that spun out a lot of ideas that, honestly, would probably make for a more entertaining TV series than a two-minute movie.
We've got Being Erica. The bureau reminded me of the time-travelling doctors. It's a stretch, I know. Maybe it's the doors.
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