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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

Only Archer was truly on the frontier to be capable of being a tyrant.

But he was an idiot.

The other three had oversight, and if their crew thought they were dicks, these justifiable malcontent's could just request a transfer or file charges of misconduct at the next starbase's jag office.

In Sisko's big dalliance towards the darkside in In the pale Moon light, he still went to starfleet command and asked permission to do what Garak was conning him into doing.

Momma's boy.

Did you see the TNG the Drumhead or TOS Court-martial of DS9 Rules of Engagement?

Checks and balances.

If any one tried to check or balance Janeway she threatened to delete them, or sent them to their room.

Good lord look how pathetic the Mutiny in ENT hatchery was while Archer was clinically insane that the crew still segregated into a civil war, or singularity where Archer sends everyone who is acting odd to their room... He has no tools for dealing with a contentious crew like a real tyrant would... like how PIcard can flood the ship with neurozene gas at the first whiff of discontent.
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