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ME1 was ok in that retrospect, but it got somewhat dull when you had to expend time searching for things that weren't marked on the map for example and going through terrain that will slow you down considerably (that was my biggest grief... aside from that it was fine).

ME2 was actually good in terms of resource gathering - plus the interiors were not repetitive.

ME3 is obviously further stripped of necessity for raw materials... but that's probably because in the previous game you were part of Cerberus and needed them for upgrades. The Alliance merely retrofitted the interior and repainted the hull (going back to the first game actually - although I must admit that the security field between the bridge and war room is annoying seeing how you ALWAYS have to walk through it).

Anyway... I'm on my second playtrough (want to raise my EMS to 4000 this time) as a male Shepard (much better looking than my previous one) and will be romancing Kaidan this time (seeing how the scenes/dialogue between the two are more fleshed out/detailed/less rushed compared to Cortez [which is a shame as I think both deserve equally fleshed out scenes]).

Btw, is it me, or does the face editor in ME3 seem to be a bit more... limited compared to the first 2 games?
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