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Re: Podcast suggestions

The latest Joy of 6 podcasts feature material from Peter Serafinowicz's current 6 Music show. Best to catch them as soon as you can, if only for Terry Wogan's Pirate Radio Show

Other than that, even if you're not a film fanatic, the Kermode and Mayo Film Reviews podcast is always entertaining even if (and especially if) you don't agree with their opinions. The current archive goes back to September 2010:

The BBC has a lot of archived podcasts, including whole radio series available "indefinitely." For example try the popular science show The Infinite Monkey Cage with Robin Ince and Prof. Brian Cox:

Not necessarily for everyone, but I also listen to the Lancet weekly podcast and Lancet Infectious Diseases monthly podcast:

Other than that, I've recently been listening to some of the Guardian podcasts as well, especially Science Weekly and Tech Weekly. Have a look around:

Finally, for general and current pop culture discussion, I've also started listening to
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