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Podcast suggestions

Can anyone recommend any audio podcasts? I'm about out, and need something. I'm after more talk rather than music.

To give an idea on what I've tried/my tastes:

Smodcast. Loved it, but finally pulling the plug due to drop in quality.
Freakanomics. Love it, but listened to them all.
T3 podcast. My favourite, mostly because of the presenters.
ESPN UFC podcast. Does what it says on the tin.
Radio 6 Introducing... love this podcast, but am after a more talk podcast rahter than more music.

Ones I dropped...
Comedy Nerds. Not sure why I dropped that actually... maybe not enough people of interest.
Answer Me This. Bloody annoying.
And one I can't remember his name... but he did about 20 minutes of ranting, then interesting interviews. Trouble is they were too frequent and wish he'd split the ranting from the interviews.

I think a key thing for me is that I don't like them too frequent, or I feel swamped and it becomes a chore.

Not sure if above is enough detail, but suggestions welcome.
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