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Re: Should the future look "Futuristic?"

The problem with hollywood depictions of the future is that they have to view them through the lense of current styles when that production is made in order to please the audience.

For example, 20 years from now for all we know bell bottom pants, "wife beater" shirts, and oiled hair might be all the rage. If you tried to portray that in a movie filmed today it would be laughed out of the theatre, so to speak. So, the film companies look at current trends and "tweak" them so that they look cool to current audiences, but when 20 years rolls around and the kids in their bell bottoms and wife beaters watch the movie on USA network it looks dated to the time it was made.

It's a rare movie set in the future that ages well. One of those is Bladerunner. It's a 30 year old movie but still holds up very well.
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