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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Timelord_Victorious wrote:

Sounds good in theory, but players would abuse it to no end I fear.
A player, regardless of PvP or PvE, will always want to have the single most overpowered build possible.
And at the moment that would mean, go, pack as much DPS as possible.
Nearly Every ship would run Commander and LC tac slots, at least one Lt tac, and the rest be engis for survivability.
Some players would build zombie tanks like never seen before.
And don't let me start on the monster sci ships this would make possible. (although only the min/maxers wouldrealize this).
Spell casting inflation would go through the roof... And the game would stop being fun.
WIth all those +1 consoles it already has stopped being fun to some degree.
I have stopped dabbling in PvP for a reason...

To have such one sided builds is bad game design.
The challenge is to overcome the limitations your ship has and utilize the perceived disadvantages.
LOL, I suppose you're right. Don't see myself going to that extreme, but I guess enough players would that it'd ruin the game.

Just like the players that have all Tac or all Engr away teams. Those just seems boring to me. Almost all my away teams are Engr/Sci/Tac plus the additional BO being the same profession as the character. So Doc Lee's away team is 1 Engr (Fab), 2 Sci and 1 Tac (Sec Off). This has a Sci slant, but it's a good mix and fun to play.

Doc Lee - Fed Sci / Rocketeer - Fed Engr / Garlyk - KDF Tac

Chief Engr/Sci, USS Vanguard
Starfleet International

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