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Re: Tuvok: the only adult on Voyager

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Just because Star Fleet isn't a military organization doesn't mean its not an organization that doesn't demand professionalism.
From what I'm aware the military was formed to keep the peace in hostile situations, not to advocate war. If that still holds true, then Starfleet is a military type institution. Starfleet officers may be scientist and explorers but you can't graduate from Starfleet Academy without combat training. Even the medical staff id trained to use weapons and hand to hand combat. Plus from what we've scene, officers like Riker, Worf, Sisko & Tuvok have little to no scientific knowledge but have tactical experience.

If some alien diplomat was visiting and some star Fleet officer thought it would funny to throw a drink in his face, I would think that person would be punished for such behavior. Also if some ensign decided to wear an "I'm with stupid t-shirt" I think he would he sent back to quarters to change.
Nobody ever look it that far.
Tom & Harry were goofs but they only pulled pranks on their fellow crewmen, during their off hours and never when any alien ambassador on board.
They were goofs, not stupid.
You can't punish someone for what they do on their off time unless It breaks some rule. Colleges and the military approve of hazing and pranks as long as it doesn't violate someones race, religion or sexual orientation.
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