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Re: A radical idea for a Trek reboot

OK this rebooting business is hard because you want to put a stamp on it, but you don't want to change certain things.

I'll go into specifics regarding characters, uniforms, ships, episodes etc at a later date, but for now here's the stuff leading up to Kirl's 5YM. Picard next!!

Note Enterprise has barely changed, as it's just backstory. I admit I tend to ignore that show, and wanted to get into the specifics of what comes after:


The covert battles between supermen later known as The Eugenics Wars. The supermen, as apart of an experiment, are frozen and sent adrift on the SS Botany Bay.

Late 21st Century
Zefram Cochrane creates the first warp drive, and this is noticed by Skonn, the first Vulcan to come to Earth in a damaged vessel. Combining the new warp engine and Vulcan technology, the Vulcans return home with Cochrane and a team of engineers – however within 10 years the humans successfully return home. Over the next 50 years, a small ‘Starfleet’ is formed between Earth and Vulcan, building the first major starships. Also by now there is a United Earth.
Many races are contacted such as the Andorians, Tellarites, Ferengi, Bolian and others

STAR TREK: To Boldly Go

22nd Century
Captain Jonathan Archer, son of Henry Archer, a member of Cochrane’s team, captain’s the first Warp 4 starship; USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 (We can invent a reason for this specific registration number). Other ships follow. By the end of the century, the United Federation of Planets is formed. Archer eventually serves 3 terms as the Federation President, and is present at the launch of NCC-1701-A

During this period, the Klingons are contacted for the first time. It is revealed they are a warrior race wishing to expand it’s empire. They are revealed to be paying Ferengi large chunks of latinum for their Government to provide spies on Earth. This provides Earth a reason to be paranoid. One of Archer’s last acts as Captain is to agree to sing the Organian Peace Treaty. Rocky relations with the Klingons still exist, though, as they failed to get involved in a war with a race known as the Romulans. A nuteral zone is established.

23rd Century - - - our main period
2265 – Pike takes command of Enterprise-A on a five year mission. [Pike is Captain for 2 seasons] His crew are:

XO: Commander James T Kirk
SCIENCE: Gary Mitchell
SECURITY: Tasha Yar (later transferred to Excelsior)
COMMS: Uhura
PILOT: Hikaru Sulu
CMO: Mark Piper

During this period, Captain Pike and Dr Piper disappear altogether. No one knows what became of them when he gets lost in a shuttle. (yes, this is going somewhere) James T Kirk is promoted to Captain of the Enterprise. Mitchell attempts to sabotage the Enterprise (obviously Mitchell's anger leads up to this) and the ship is destroyed.

Not deterred by recent events, Kirk forms a new crew for the Enterprise-B, for what is assigned as a Five Year Mission of exploration [5 Seasons]:

ENGINEERING: Montgomery Scott
PILOT: Hikaru Sulu
CMO: Leonard McCoy
YOEMAN: Janice Rand

Leonard McCoy is Kirk's former country Doctor and a dear friend, who reluctantly agrees to go into space following a divorce.

Much to Kirk’s dismay, a young Vulcan named Spock is assigned as Diplomatic Advisor and Science Officer, due to Starfleet being concerned about Kirk and diplomacy. Spock is the son of a well respected Vulcan diplomat, Sarek, Federation Ambassador. It was Sarek, who’s lifelong interest in humans has helped relations between the two planets. Vulcan is home to a great Science Academy, which Spock graduated from with higher grades than anyone.

Spock is harbouring a big secret. Thousands of years ago, the Vulcans and Romulans were an almost joint people, but the Romulans rejected logic and reclused themselves behind a ‘Neutral Zone’. Spock and a small group of peers have been, undetected, across the border and onto Romulus, in an attempt to find out if some sort of reunification is possible. Of course Kirk’s understanding and trust of Spock grows, and they become the friends just as we know, however when he finds out about the reunification, he questions wether he really knows Spock.

Kirk makes first contact with many races and has many challenges, but after all risk is his business. He has many skermishes with the Klingons, meets a whole host of interesting and colourful characters, discovers a Mirror Universe which leads to them finding a way through to our universe and attempting to invade, plus discovering the SS Botany Bay which leads to the superhumans being imprisoned on a barren planet, only to return in terrifying circumstances.
This leads to the death of Mr Spock, just as Kirk feels he really knows him as a friend. Spock of course is later resurrected as part of an incredible new science experiment.

NEXT: Star Trek: Excelsior!
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