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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aldea
B is for Blalock, Jolene
C is for Cairn
D is for Defiant(uss)
E is for Excalbia
F is for Finnegan
G is for Gaila
H is for Hurq
I is for I'm a Doctor, not a non-contract day player!
J is for Janus VI
K is for Kruge. "Maltz. Feed him."
L is for Laas
M is for Martin Madden
N is for Nine Orbs of the Prophets
O is for Orbit. Something starships do.
P is for Parking Brake (Sulu didn't leave it on)
Q is for Query. Something Data used to say. "Query. Why did the redshirted crewmen of Captain Kirk's crew have a tendency to get killed?"
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