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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well I did a quick test of the new Odyssey 2.0 and it looks like you can't use saucer separation and the escort at the same time.

What does the set bonus do anyway?
Offset the console slots that are occupied by the special abilities...

you cant use them together but one after another, they dont share a cooldown...
individual cooldowns are 5 minutes.

I checked out how to best copy and enhance my sovereign build.

I noticed right away, that there is NO reason at all to pick the tactical version.

Since I use the borg console on a tac slot, I just moved that over to science on the odyssey, where I still have a spare slot now. I put the chevron seperation console there asd i figured the sauce is a support pet that actually puts a shield extend on you or an allied target. So it benefits my tank build the best.
What I really need to compare is the hull points and shield power.

The shield should be better then the sovereign, weapons a bit weaker, turnrate a bit better in sperated mode and sci powers a good bit more effective.

havent found any challenging action yet.

Odyssey (sci): Sovereign:

Hull points (non seperated): 58k Hull: 54k
Hull points (seperated): 50k

Turnrate at 63/50 engine power (unseperated): 8.2 Turnrate at 64/45 engine power: 10.3
Turnrate at 63/50 engine power (seperated): 16.2

Shield strength (unseperated): 13k per facing Shield strength: 11k
Shield strength (seperated): 12k per facing

Main Phaser array (unseperated): 673 DPS Main Phaser array: 673 DPS
Main Phaser array (seperated): 732 DPS

My favorite combination is the Sci hull with saucer seperation. It has extra strong shields and turns like an excelsior when seperated.
So if I decide to get it, it will have to be 2 of them.

The tac version seems absolutely useless to me. A Tac captain might be able to squeeze out that extra bit of damage to make Tac interesting, but if a tac goes for damage, it wont be in a extra heavy cruiser... perhaps seperated tac version...

Edit: tested in a 1v1, 1v2 and 2v2.

Things I noticed:

Aquarius escort pet is useless. It didn't survive for ten seconds under FAW fire. Saucer survives longer but does no damage whatsoever. Worker bees can be launched once per minute but explode immediately under FAW.
The sauce is supposed to use extend shield, I heard, which it doesn't... so if it is supposed to be an acual support pet it's bugged.

Saucer seperation is still the best ability of the lot simply because it sheds weight and turns this ship into one comparable to an Excelsior.

Interestingly enough my old Sovereign is the exact middle ground in stats between an unseperated and a seperated Odyssey.

So I can hardly call the Odyssey OP.

The big draw is definitely the huuuge versatility and the ability to emulate any other cruiser and be at least as efficient.

It allows one to switch builds like no other without completely changing ships.

There is almost no difference in class versions. The Boff layout is the same for all and the different console layout is irrelevant.
In practice i would assume everysingle one of us is at least using one universal console, most likely the Borg one, so it doesn't matter if you put it into an extra sci, engi or tac slot.
The second surplus slot compared to other cruisers most likely goes to one of the universal Odyssey consoles (I recommend Chevron Seperation).

That leaves the power management. For a cruiser the extra strong shields of the sci version seems the most beneficial to me even though the difference in the end must be pretty small.
And that leaves Sensor Analysis as the deciding factor which is a huge asset in a prolonged fight that can only be rendered useless by breaking target lock somehow.

If I should decide to buy it, it will most likely when the hype is over and not EVERYONE is flying one anymore and when it goes on a sale.

It doesn't require me to replace my Sovereign just yet as i will most likely be abe to perform on the same average level in both ships.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!

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