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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Ooh, they stack? /runs to K7.

Also, is anyone using the Jem'Hadar shield? It's supposed to be damn near invincible.
Yeah, the Jem'hadar shield is currently bugged. One of the shields special abilities is that each hit is supposed to activate a special "brace for impact" skill. The problem is that if you have any shield distribution officers equipped, there's a chance they proc each time the Jem'hadars special skill is activated.

Basically, with each hit on the shields, the shield distribution doffs treat it like you've just hit brace for impact. This of course sends the procs crazily high (I'm sure I've seen one with a stack of over 600). It even causes the map to start lagging.

I had a little laugh with it in a shuttle in C&H. Even under focused fire I didn't die. On top of that, the heal score (which includes shield heals) at the end of the match added up to 60,000,000.
Sweet Jebus! I have two SDO's slotted. Those guys could have fired at me all day without scratching the paint on the hull.
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