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Re: Mass Effect 3 $$(ENDINGS SPOILERS)$$

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Anyone know at what stage the points are taken into account? Is it before the final jump to Sol or can I load from the last Citadel autosave?
For the achievement, it's supposedly when you make the jump to the Illusive Man's base (where the post-game autosave kicks you back to). To just get a better ending...? No idea whether you have to go back that far or the autosave's good enough.

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Come to think of it, how much of a difference does it make?
Not much of one, if you were already at 3700. You need to be over 3000 to get Synthesis available. Over 4000 lets Shepard live if you chose to destroy all synthetic life, and can get you a slightly longer cutscene with the dying Anderson, but there's no substantial difference in the endings.
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