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Re: Mass Effect 3 $$(ENDINGS SPOILERS)$$

I just now found out that you need 4000 effective points to get the "best" ending and after a quick look at an earlier save it turns out I only have something like 3700. What did I do wrong!? I save the rachni queen *twice*, I saved the destiny ascension, rewrote the geth heretics and made them all individuals, I gave the quarrians back their home, cured the genophage...etc, etc. I have a hard time seeing how not being able to complete the Aria: Eclipse mission (due to a bug I might add) or complete the Kasumi mission (*another* bug) and a handful of sidequests I didn't know needed to be turned in before the Priority: Tuchanka mission.

Anyone know at what stage the points are taken into account? Is it before the final jump to Sol or can I load from the last Citadel autosave?
Come to think of it, how much of a difference does it make? I'm not sure I can be bothered to replay that whole sequence again just to see if things turn out *slightly* less crappy.
If all it takes is a few games of multiplayer to make up the 7.5% I need
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