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Re: Mass Effect 3 $$(ENDINGS SPOILERS)$$

I already posted my long ranty thing in the other thread. Basically, I agree with the main points raised here - the endings make everything that happened up to that point in the game irrelevant. They are also strange, dystopian answers to a trilogy that never dipped its toe in those particular waters, so the whole sequence sort of came out of nowhere. I also dislike the Normandy scene, which makes absolutely no sense.

The whole thing is a confused mess with no proper resolution, and it snapped me right out it. I'm just glad it's a couple of days later now; I don't feel as aimless as I did when I finished it. I'd been playing it all day long, from like 10am till 5am the next day. I just got so caught up in everything - it had been brilliant up that point. It just seemed like I could have gone to bed if I'd known it wasn't worth it in the end.
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