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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Ooh, they stack? /runs to K7.

Also, is anyone using the Jem'Hadar shield? It's supposed to be damn near invincible. I tested it out myself and that seems to be the case. It wasn't the PvP I took on yesterday or the day before, it was with people who knew I had the shield. 5 KDF ships did their best to destroy my ship, and no one succeeded. We ran it for 15 minutes, until my fingers just couldn't keep clicking and tapping the keys anymore, and the shields didn't budge. The patch for this is in the pipeline, so any day now they should be reduced to their actual abilities.

What's funny is that after that, a couple of KDFs started attacking me and one of them got mad and said "You have to cheat by using the JEM shield do you?", and yet when I fired at him, his shield gave off the exact same telltale glow that the JEM shield gives off when it's being hit.

Eventually he got mad, and he and his friends flew off. What a douche.
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