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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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While we're here, I've been looking at my skills tree and I'm wondering if I'm putting everything into my ship. It has decent DPS, and I'm pretty good under fire, but I want you guys to take a look at it, since you're more into the minutiae than I am. I created my build and posted it here:

Here's how I have it geared out:

Let me know what you think!

Okay dokies

1. For starters, get rid of the biofunction console, it's next to useless since crew doesn't do very much. Yes, that crew stat you see at the bottom of the hud is next to worthless.

Back when the game came out, there was a good reason for having it, since engineering team effectiveness was based on amount of crew. They got rid of this though. Passive healing in combat is nigh non existant and outside of it you'll be back to full health rather quickly no matter your crew.

Same goes for any other crew preserving console.

2. Get a field generator Mk XI console, it'll boost your shield capacity by 35%. Doesn't stack though so only get one.

3. Drop the Borg shield, the thing has a really low capacity so doesn't deal well with high damage. Try to get a covariant shield (with a cap x 2) or better yet a MACO shield Mk XI.

4. Best not to mix and match energy weapons. Instead focus on one particular type and get the consoles that just boost that type (since generic energy weapon consoles don't boost as much).

5. If you decide to do PvP, I'd recommend taking off the torps and replacing them with energy weapons.

The reason for this is that it's very easy to shield tank and it just needs a slither of shield to nigh totally negate a hit from a torp. Meanwhile a cruiser with 8 beams can do constant sustained damage.
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