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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

OK, first we had the cover to Secret Avengers 27 depicting the return of Captain Mar-Vell. Rick Remender has apparently even tweeted that this is indeed the real-deal Mar-vell appearing here. (Although, we have all heard that before).

Now Marvel is teasing a new Captain Marvel book starting in July, which would seem to confirm this.

However, Bleeding Cool is reporting that the new Captain Marvel will actually be the former Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers as written by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

On one hand, Mar-Vell's death is one that I think should left alone for a variety of reasons. But then, I once thought the same thing about Bucky, and that only served to show me that with the right take from the right writer, anything is possible.

Then again, if it's Carol, I think that it's cool that she will be taking on the mantle as her own, as she has certainly more than earned it. Hell, at this point, she has probably appeared in many more comics than Mar-Vell ever did, so there really is zero reason for her not to take the "franchise" name rather than a legacy name. And it honors Mar-Vell while also bringing growth to Carol's own journey. I just wonder how Marvel thinks that this book will do better than the last Ms. Marvel book, which, IIRC, was pretty consistently on the cusp of cancellation before folding at #50 (And I do realize that a 50 issue run is nothing to sneeze at nowadays). Could making her "Captain" Marvel instead of "Ms." really have that profound of an effect on promotion and sales?

ETA: BTW, Whatever happened to Hermiod? I would love to hear what he thinks about this.
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