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Re: Does It Get Better???

For the people who care about the supposed pussyfication of the Borg, this is the climax of the process. This episode tells us that 1.) the Collective's control of the drones can be blocked, meaning that any species advanced enough to build jamming devices will come out victorious; 2.) that the Collective does not actually exist, since it is impossible for minds to meld by an electronic equivalent of telepathy; 3.) that any drone can set up as the Queen; 4.) that drones can escape from the Collective.

If you don't care about this supposed sin of Voyager, you should still care that since these things are true, the characters' fears of the Borg menace are simpleminded hysteria (if not borderline psychotic.) Having characters fearing a villain who is written as a paper tiger is piss poor writing.

The scene where the freed drones insanely try to go off in opposite direction is absolutely key to what action there is in this pointless angstfest. Yet, the truth is that no rational human beings would do this with such mindless gusto. I suspect that Moore really does have unbounded contempt for humanity as he essentially repeated this scene with his Cylons. The rest of the episode is Seven guiltily realizing she is indeed the Borg Queen.

I don't know how anyone can really find this preposterous character development anything but a clumsy attempt to saddle a character with, simultaneously, enormous power and enormous guilt,yet there is no chance of ever using this power nor does anyone else ever has any chance to exercise judgment. It's all boo-hoo-hoo.

The Borg are interesting as a concept because there is a desire for the communion of minds, and a chance that technology might someday promise the terror of a wish come true. We, who all live alone in our minds, should see the Borg and think a little. We might possibly be afraid about getting swallowed up. This episode, insensible of the dream, casually dismisses the nightmare. Seven nobly shouldering her guilt no doubt is much lighter, but of no real interest whatsoever. Seven was only interesting when she was like Spock, not too keen on being human.

B'elana Torres was a mess from day one. There is no reason for a dinky little girl to buy into the macho Klingon horse shit, which made the character a complete cipher. Ron D. Moore, the guy so strongly associated with Klingons that he had a batleth given to him couldn't do something to fix the Torres character! They shouldn't have let him quite, they should have fired his sorry ass.
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