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Re: A radical idea for a Trek reboot

There's nothing "radical" about any of this. All you did was compress the timeline and jumble people around. That's not a reboot. Your new trek has to have a premise to go along with the jumbling. You can claim it's about the characters all you like, but what's the point if they have nothing new to do?

Also, I've said this a bunch of times: You can't reboot part of Trek unless you believe no series has any connection with any other series. You can't just reboot TOS. You can't just reboot TNG. You can't just change everything else and leave ENT alone if, as evidenced by canon, all these series take place along the same timeline. You change one thing, you change everything, because there is a cause and effect relationship to everything. I didn't go into my reboot saying "I'm going to reboot TOS." I went in saying "I'm rebooting Star Trek. Period."
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