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Re: Mass Effect 3 $$(ENDINGS SPOILERS)$$

^I'd say the "Rescue DLC" bit has the distinct odour of bovine excrement about it.

I agree that the techno-organic fusion option was the only one that made any kind of sense and I would have been *fine* with Shepard not surviving IF the ending had more meaning. And yes, the thing with the Normandy makes no bloody sense whatsoever.

I don't mind the trite epilogue with the two decendents of Normandy's stranded crew, though it comes off as unintentionally bleak when you consider that they can only be human or Asari. Tali and Garrus are the only ones of their race aboard, so as far as they're concerned they're both the last of their race.

I suppose in the long run they could reverse engineer reaper FTL drives that are able to travel between clusters in a matter of months or years, but the aforementioned epilogue appears to rule that out.

P.S. Nothing to do with the ending, but did anyone else totally call what sanctuary was about the instant they heard it mentioned on the citadel? Watching Logan's Run finally paid off!


P.P.S. It just now occurred to me; what the hell happened to that sub-plot from ME2 about dark energy affecting stars? We were led to believe that it would play a significant part in ME3, were we not?

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