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Re: Mass Effect 3 $$(ENDINGS SPOILERS)$$

Heh, I was debating whether it was finally time to start a spoilers spin-off thread.

Here's what I said in spoiler tag in the original thread:
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I quite like the "Synthesis" option. It's the only one that feels appropriate to me.

That said, I don't understand why I went to all that effort of uniting the species of the galaxy, only for the galaxy to end up fragmented at the conclusion of the game in all scenarios since the mass relays always get destroyed by the release of the Crucible's energy.

I despise the "Destroy Synthetics" option, at least in relation to this first Shepard I imported. He went to so much effort to convince the quarians that the geth could be trusted if they would be given a chance, he helped Legion spread geth individuality, and he nurtured the birth of a new synthetic intelligence in EDI - but his only option to destroy the Reapers meant the geth had to die too. He couldn't take that course because it would've undermined his firm belief that the geth did not deserve death.

The "Control Reapers" option just leaves me confused. How can Shepard control the Reapers if he's dead? In this ending, does Shepard replace the original Catalyst, meaning only his physical body dies? This is the only option that leaves the Citadel intact (albeit with its arms fully closed), so if Shepard's consciousness does survive as the new Catalyst, perhaps he'll reopen the Citadel later and assist the various species now stranded in the Sol System in the construction of a new mass relays...

Speaking of confusion... Why in hell would Joker have taken the Normandy through a mass relay during the battle for Earth? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Also, I was never irrevocably attached to a hope that Shepard would live at the end of the trilogy (although I am sad that Shepard and Liara never will be able to have those little blue children). As cliché as it was, I also don't have any objection to the epilogue bit with the Storyteller and the child.
And here are some more thoughts from PM conversation with Deks:
PsychoPere wrote:
I'm also completely fine with Shep not surviving ME3, though I felt unsatisfied with not getting any sense of closure for most of the companions (and I still think the Normandy using a mass relay during the final battle makes no sense). I agree about the Synthesis ending being the most interesting, and I'd go so far as to say it's the only one that made sense. Destroy doesn't because I helped the geth and EDI achieve individuality, and Control doesn't because Shep even points out that you can't guarantee the Reapers wouldn't get free and restart the cycle all over again.

The Catalyst intelligence ended up feeling like the real enemy during its whole monologue. I ended up wanting to kill it just as much as I wanted to end the Reapers.

If BioWare had promised to "answer everything" with this game, then I think in some ways I'm more confused than I was going into the game. I never needed a really happy ending for the majority of the characters to be satisfied, but I did need some idea of what the survivors went on to do after the final battle.

I'd certainly love it if some future DLC were to expand on at least some of these confusing or odd things, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up fitting into the story prior to the final battle (there are apparently 4 "hidden" systems on the galaxy map at the end of the game - one of which contains Omega, another that contains Illium, and another where the Reaper IFF was found in ME2).
On that note of "future DLC," a supposed low-level BioWare employee has "leaked" a short list of planned items.

The Omega idea and the two packs (since we've received those two in the past for ME2) feel like "truth" to me - and there was a BioWare Pulse episode a while back that showed Shepard fighting with one asari squad member who was not Liara.
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