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The figures are as follows:
* 4,000 (base destroyed or saved)
** Destroy the Reapers
** Anderson "lives"
** Shepard lives

* 5,000 (base destroyed or saved)
** Destroy the Reapers
** Anderson dies
** Shepard lives

The footage of Shepard is being used by some people who believe that what happened on the station is a hallucination as a kind of proof.

For myself, I am beginning to agree with them. There are things that don't make sense if they are considered more carefully. For instance, the next time you play the game, after you wake up, after being knocked unconscious by Harbinger's beam, before you walk to the conduit, look behind you. You may see something surprising, and out-of-place.

If this is a hallucination, then we don't know how Shepard defeated the Reapers. We just know that he did.
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