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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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STO just went P2W.

I'm done.
LOL, I had to look up "P2W". (It means Pay-2-Win for anyone as naive as me.)

Yep, what happened to the promise that Cryptic made that C-store purchases would just be cosmetic and would not affect game play?

That died with going to the F2P model. In an F2P model the lions share of income generation comes from theior C-Store; period. Therefore you need to put really attractive items that people with more money then time are willing to buy.

Also given you can indeed farm dilithium ore, refine it, and use it to 'buy' C-Points from the Dilithium Exchange, technically you CAN get anything from the C-Store for 'free' (IE never spend a reall cent); BUT that will take A LOT of time and considerable effort to do so, and you can easily be out spent by someone who finds it easier to blow $10 - $20 of reeal cash buying a ship/item they want up front without spending hours 'farming' content that provides Dilithium.
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