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Re: Enterprise post tv finale relaunch

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And really, that's just Earth/Federation history.

We've never seen the Klingons conquered by the Hur'q, or the Hur'q overthrow, we've had only glimpses of pre-united Bajor, we have one line of onscreen dialogue referencing the founding of the Dominion (the pre-Vorta rescued the Founders, so the Founders rewarded them by making them the Dominion's managers), we haven't actually seen any of the Hebitian Age (unless you count the Oralian Way, who are more a Hebitian relic than a living society), we know little about the Vulcan/Andor war, and nothing about the Tellarites. . .
All good points! The history of the Trekverse has plenty of interesting places for stories to emerge.

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Well, no, it's not needed. None of it is needed.
Well don't tell it. A compelling novel has a story that needs to be told.
You missed the point. No piece of entertainment needs to exist - people just like these things, and that's all.
Exactly. I mean, hell, nothing in Star Trek needs to be told. The stories are told because the authors and editors think they'll make for good stories, not because of some imaginary "need."
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