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Re: Why were the Maquis even on Voyager?

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But see the problem is those elements you mentioned were not as set up or given as much importance as the Maquis were in the lead up to Voyager and in the first two epsiodes.
Of course different examples of a pattern are going to have differences in their specifics, but that doesn't mean the pattern doesn't hold. Nobody who produces a television show can know in advance how that show will end up developing over time. So plenty of shows start out with ideas that get abandoned as the show goes along, whether due to network pressure or certain actors becoming breakout stars or who knows what. In the case of Voyager, it was definitely the result of network pressure.
But again, I think the problem is the Maquis angle was more important to Voyager then any of those other elements were in TNG. If something like the saucer separation is too expensive, that's fine, I can concede the realties of budget issues.

But really the network and writers should have worked this out in advance, if the writers wanted a Maquis-Star Fleet conflict storyline, but the network didn't want any conflict, they should have agreed to drop the Maquis angle. You are setting your fans up for disappointment if you hype up a story element and then drop within a few episodes. I think this problem was avoidable, more so then the saucer separation issue, which just became too expensive after a while.
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