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Re: Why were the Maquis even on Voyager?

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^^^ Too dark!? I disagree. More conflict between the Maquis and Starfleet is what the show needed. That was the most interesting part of the shows premise, and they blew it right from the start.
That's an issue you have to take with the show's producers, because they certainly made it clear from the start that the Voyager was going to have a unified crew. Sure, there were those that still considered themselves Maquis, but it seemed most of them accepted Janeway's mandate (if not Chakotay's) they were all going to do things the Starfleet way.
The Overlord wrote:
Well they could have had the crew slowly evolve into one cohesive group, rather then just having them start that way. If the Maquis wouldn't wear Star Fleet uniforms at first, but slowly decide to adopt them over time, that be work better then all of them just wearing the uniforms and following the regulations right away.
I agree, but I think the producers had other ideas.
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