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Re: Star Trek: Audacity

Even better idea! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how they could get to the Delta Quadrant in less than 30 years?

Lt. Dara, A Felarain (A made up species) informs her crew at a briefing that the Felarai are capable of creating artificial wormholes. for more informations on the Felarai read this:

a species noted for it's excellent sensual perception. Felarain breath through their "hair", an organ rife with neural sensors and hyper-regenerant muscle mass. Upon their discovery (before the language barrier was breached) the human race called them Medusas, because of the high dexterity of this organ. To call a Felarain "Medusa" today is considered the highest insult.

On their homeworld, Felar, the emotional evolved in tandem with the physical. In response to stimuli Felarain are prone to act directly on instinct, rather than consider consequences. This can make them ideal to have in a desperate situation, but can translate awkwardly into conversation, as the Felarain are notorious for speaking their mind out of turn. Also, they are excellent readers of facial expressions and the emotions of other species: they can sense accurately any change in hormones, facial expression, and vocal tone and pitch. With training, the Federation has employed several in law enforcement as investigators and lie detectors.
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