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Re: VOY Fans and Janeway in the VOY relaunch books (spoilers)

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I'm not too thrilled with it either, but I think it's silly to rule out any storyline just because it takes a risk you don't like. Sometimes people die when you would rather they didn't. Exploring that is a valid literary option. I wasn't happy when Star Wars killed Chewbacca either, but the line continued and there were some good stories as a result.

My biggest complaint wasn't with the decision to kill Janeway, it was with the manner in which it was done. It just didn't work very well. At least Chewy got to go out with dignity.
If it had been a great book, written by KRAD or Swallow perhaps, I may not have been outraged over her death. If her death had made me cry rather than literally throw the book across the room in disgust I may not have been boycotting Treklit. I would still want her to return and would be harping on whatever sci fi element made that possible but the anger wouldn't be there.
I've read portions of "Before Dishonor." I didn't recognize the character as Janeway. She was more of a caricature, with little or nothing in common with the captain who was cautious enough to get Voyager across the Delta Quadrant in one piece. We've had discussions about how characters behave and how their tendencies lead them in certain directions. What Janeway did in "Before Dishonor" is totally out of character and a disservice to a fine Trek captain. I think that PB's foolish adherence to this novel's actions is what has made me maddest of all. Admit that it was a mistake and poorly done. Bring her back and let Beyer restore her to the person we know and admired. And do it sooner rather than later.
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