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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Here is a commission I did for Terry Shull of here Character Captain Elizabeth Riker of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-G
from her fan series Heritage. While in the Pocket Book Universe the Riker/Troi oldest daughter is named Tasha, Terry has
her named Elizabeth.

Here is a discription from Terry Shull on this character.

“Hi Sean! I would love a pic of Beth! As I told you before I started
Heritage back in '07 - long before Tasha was a figment of the pocket book authors.

I created all the Riker kids long before the 4th book of Titan was ever done. Although
I was heavily inspired by the books, I was more inspired by how I though Riker and Troi
would be as parents and how any children they had would end up being as a result of growing
up in a world where the challenges of diversity were dealt with so openly.

Beth and Bill were the result of my imagined 1st Troi pregnancy (in my world she never miscarried.)
And they wanted to have another, so they tried again quickly. Cassidy was the end result.
All three children are VASTLY different from one another.

Beth is extremely independent, totally over-confident, and has a near psychopathic drive.
When she's 7 years old she decides she wants to be the Captain of the Enterprise and pretty much
doesn't let anything get in her way to achieve that goal.

She's described as "looking" just like Deanna. Her skin tone and facial features are very much like that
of her mother's. The only difference is, she's VERY tall for a woman. I wrote her as being lean and 5' 11".
She has the Betazoid black eyes and thick, wavy, LONG, chocolate brown hair. When she's on duty or a
battle may be draing near she pulls back her hair into a pony-tail, and braids it with extreme dexterity
and military proficiency. The resulting rope is then looped once to bring her hair off her back.

She HATES being Betazoid. A long story goes with that but from the time she's 16 until she's 31,
she shuts her mind off to everyone. Including her family.

She HATES real gravity. She'd rather stay on a ship than be forced to beam down to a planet.

While her brother Bill also resembles Deanna, and is very tall (as tall or taller than Riker), he's VERY Betazoid.
He LOVES it. He's kind, sensitive, brilliant and a scientist. He LOATHES Starfleet. He becomes an archaeologist
with Daystrom. He LOVES real gravity and HATES artificial gravity. He can't stand being on starships and only
tolerates them in order to go from planet to planet.

Cassidy looks like Riker. Insanely blue eyes. Pitch black, straight hair. But she's short and buxom like her mother.
Cassidy was born without Betazoid telepathy or empathy - worse yet, she was born with a Betazoid genetic disorder
which makes her emotionally invisible to her mother or any other telepath.
She ends up defecting to a Reman militia when she's 18. (Hey, every family has its black sheep.)


Terry Shull

Sean P. Tourangeau
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