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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I must say it's a great credit to the show that I wasn't sure at the end there if Shane or Rick were going to die, or neither, or both.

I'm glad Shane is gone. I thought they were starting to rehabilitate him but clearly not, and I couldn't take any more of his insanity.

I do wish there was more acknowledgement that they were friends and partners in that last scene, instead of just one man killing another man.
I thought it was a great episode too. I mean wow. Lots of developments. With regard to Shane, I think Lori's little, "thank you," speech pushed him over the edge and gave him a false sense of hope about a relationship with her. She really has been the focal point in terms of creating trouble in the group.

Did they mean to imply the zombie virus is airborne now? If not they sure did send that message.

Question: does everyone who dies become a zombie in this new world, because Shane turned into one without being bit?

How did Randall become infected?
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