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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Neat! I'll have to run through it again with my Vulcan and see what happens.

After a day or so of tweaking, I think I have my ship right where I want it. I'm not uberpowered, and I'm not invincible, but I took on 2 BortaS, a BoP, and another KDF ship I couldn't recognize, all at the same time. They were using some kind of ability that generated dozens of BoPs, attack fighters, you name it. It was a swarm of ships from all directions, and even with all of that firepower coming down on top of me, I survived for 8 full minutes, and did a hell of a lot of damage myself, destroying at least 3 of them before they came back to rejoin the fight (and destroying dozens of fighters and BoPs in the process). I'd never been able to withstand more than 1 or 2 ships at most, at a time, for more than a minute or two, and while each ship is different and each commander differently skilled, I still feel proud.
Was that in PvP?
Yep. Ker'rat, to be exact.
Then you were up against some kind of carrier among them. They mostly generate their DPS (or heals) through pets like the fighters and BoPs, sometimes heal drones.
Their BOFF layout is similar bit not the same as science vessels.
So they usually run high AUX settings to be effective (this also affects their pet launch rate).
AoE attacks and power drains ruin their day.

Sounds like you were up against lower level players (or noobs).

Not to diminish your accomplishment, in sufficient numbers even lower level ships can be very dangerous.

If they were equal level they were noobs who didn't understand their ships very well.

It's outright impossible to withstand a full group without backup even as the best tank...

STill, congratulations on majorly annoying them.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!
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