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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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But maybe the most interesting thing from this episode for me at least was the weird flashes we saw from Shane as he died and turned into a zombie. Looks like zombies have some kind of minimal collective borg-like consciousness almost. That's probably why they're all suddenly descending on the barn.
That was strange. If it were just gunshots, why didn't the first one get their attention ? Maybe it did, but they seemed to be aimless before the second shot at undead Shane. Also, Shane "came back" as a walker fast...much shorter time than it took Andrea's sister.

We see again at the beginning, the walkers will stop eating to attack humans. It seems to go beyond hunger and into attacking whatever is alive.

Did Shane get infected from bashing himself against the tree? ARE TREES THE BLAME. Is this The Happening 2?

It seems like they could still deal with that herd...unless its bigger next week. Just gotta knock some of the walker down, then finish them. They really need some sort of zombie crushing machine.
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