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Re: Enterprise post tv finale relaunch

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we've never seen a novel about why the idea of admitting Coridan to the UFP had Federation worlds at one-another's throats like they were in "Journey to Babel"
Is that really needed? We see what happened on Coridan in "Shadows of P'Jem" (ENT) and the attempt to deprive Coridan of trade in "Demons" (ENT). The planet's population was further depleted by civil wars and Romulan attack ("The Good that Men Do"). And that Sarek had finally succeeded in bringing Coridan into the UFP ("Sarek", TNG). And its short straw in "Destiny".
Well, no, it's not needed. None of it is needed. I was just trying to come up with potential areas of Trek history that hadn't been the subjects of novels yet.
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