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Oh well... it's ok either way. I'm happy they FINALLY did it.

I'm puzzled as to why they never released the DLC for ME 1 that 'completes' the gay romance option for male Shepard seeing how they only needed to input the brief sex scene (which would be easy to do) and the dialogue plus kissing scenes were already in-game (just not accessible without a romance mod).
Also, ME2 if modded can allow gay romance with a mod... no nudity, but that's not 'REALLY' necessary to at least acknowledge it.

Putting that aside (and I apologize if I rambled too much on the same notion), I finished the third game in just over 40 hours (while missing 2 small side-quests - I thought I was careful and done them all).

I think I'll replay all 3 games from the ground up later this week or next week (first I have to replay the third game) .

And this time I might actually put HD textures mod into the games.
The lower-resolution ones can be 'obvious' at times.
I just wonder how my poor 9600m GT will handle it.
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