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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I was playing the last mission of the current FE yesterday, with three of my toons.It was a quite nice mission and it was fun to get to keep the spacesuit.
I noticed also something interesting about the dialogue.
The NPC dialogue was pretty much the same, but I noticed that my Vulcan toon was replying to it in a very Vulcan style. In the airlock she was talking about something "The needs of the many.." and in the end Captain Kurland got "Live long and prosper".
My tactical toon Gilmore on the got very different dialogue at the start with the Vorta, something about "behaving better than your previous clone". I think this was because the Vorta NPC died on the previous FE(He fell from a bridge, I think).
Anyway, I though that was pretty cool.
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