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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

sonak wrote: View Post
I was questioning the SALES numbers. So unless you have figures that show that there was a huge jump in AMOUNT of 7 of 9 action figures and other merchandise I'll retain my skepticism.
Of course Playmates (and Pocket Books) don't release such figures. We can only judge by the fact that Playmates made sure there was a Seven of Nine figure in almost every wave after she joined the cast of VOY. The Seven of Nine figure exclusives in the toy mags caused those issues to sell out.

I think the percentage of the fanbase that are hard-core collectors isn't a big one(For example, Star Trek XI was a huge box-office hit but the action figure line didn't do well).
Because most fans said they were poorly made.

So again I inquire: any figures on 7 of 9 merchandise sales? We've already seen that the ratings impact was negligible, I'm guessing that we see the same thing here.
If the sales were poor, they'd have stopped making Sevens after the first one.

JanewayRulz! wrote: View Post
I particularily like the "Your appeal to my humanity is pointless" Tshirt and the "I (borg cube) Seven of Nine" gym bag.
Keep in mind that Cafe Press stuff is unlicensed.

You_Will_Fail wrote: View Post
I don't remember seeing a Seven of Nine figurine in the Simpsons, just someone dressed up as her
Yes, the packaged figure is in the episode with Xena vs Comic Shop Guy.
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